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Charter Works works with Schools, School Districts, County Departments of Education, and other sponsoring agencies to provide educational services for Independent Study and Home School programs.  Our signature product - ReportWriter - supports a vast number of curriculum choices covering grade levels K-12.

"This is SO FLEXIBLE it works with ALL my students in ALL situations! What a time and life saver!" -Kris from Elk Grove


Our clients rely on us to help them create State compliant records for passing their audits and to provide invaluable information about the course work their students are attempting and have completed. 

Not all students learn the same way.  Find out how we can help you PERSONALIZE students' education for your program!

ReportWriter has now been enhanced with the creation of ReportWriter/WEB ReportWriter/WEB acts as a mini-SIS program geared specifically toward Independent Study and Distance Education.

Although both ReportWriter and ReportWriter/WEB can be used independently of each other, they become even more dynamic when used together. 

To learn more about our products, click on the product link below.

  • ReportWriter - provides teachers a tool to help them create student records including master agreements, learning records, report cards . . .

  • ReportWriter/WEB - provides support services to school administration in independent study and site-based programs . . .

  • COPS (Computer Online Protection Service) - gives you peace of mind, knowing your students are protected while surfing the web . .

Whatever your needs in student reporting and information, Charter Works is the answer.

Our Mission

Charter Works makes customer service a priority.  There are no extra fees for tech support including phone calls or emails.  Training on our products is included in the cost.  When you call Charter Works, you get a knowledgeable person that has experience doing what you do every day.  We are confident you will appreciate our ability to make your job easier!

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Technology Solutions and Curriculum Support for Education
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